Diffusers have a wooden lid which absorbs the oil from the bottle. They work best by using heat from the sun and car along with the movement when hung. A diffuser is not designed to give off a strong scent constantly, instead it provides a pleasant and occasional aroma.


Remove the packaging, unscrew the top and remove the plastic stopper from the bottle.  Screw the top back on securely.

For the diffuser to give scent, the fragrance oil needs to be soaked into the wooden top.  To do this, turn the bottle upside down very quickly for approximately 10 seconds.  This allows the fragrance oil to get into the wood.  Now turn the bottle back up very quickly.  

The diffuser is ready to use and can be hung in the car using the adjustable cord or placed in the wardrobe.  Please ensure that the diffuser is secured using a knot when hung or on an even surface when left standing.

Any excess oil should be wiped immediately from the diffuser itself.  When topping up the liquid on a hanging diffuser, we recommend using a tissue or cloth to cover the diffuser to absorb any excess liquid.  If this gets on any part of the car (dashboard or console), please clean it immediately as some chemicals in the fragrance may cause a reaction with the materials on the dashboard.


The average diffuser should last around 3-4 weeks. It can last longer dependent on how strong you want the scent to be. After the plastic cap has been removed and you have moistened the wooden cork, the diffuser will start to give off the scent.The strength of the scent depends on the amount of liquid soaked into the cork.

The diffusers work on natural reactions through the wooden cork. Once that is fully soaked through, the diffusing itself becomes less efficient. We strongly recommend that you wait for the cork to dry out (approx 5-7 days) before you repeat the process of soaking the wooden cork. Excessive dampening will cause the fragrance to finish faster than intended.

Excessive tilting and turning of the diffuser may cause the diffuser to leak. If this does happen, use warm soapy water to clean it immediately. We do not take responsibility for this, it is the customers responsibility for the right use and to avoid any spillages.

Please make sure to always screw the cap tightly back on and regularly check if it has loosened as the bottle can come lose and fall. Simple Car Scents can’t take responsibilities for any damages caused.



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