Here you can find a list of our frequently asked questions.

We want to offer the best possible prices to our customers, therefore we do not markup our selling prices to include delivery.  This means that you will only pay the delivery once for your order.

Standard delivery is 3-5 working days by Hermes.  Note due to COVID, this cannot be guaranteed.

The average diffusers lasts around 4 weeks. Customers have advised that it has lasted longer than this too.  It all depends on how often the wooden cork is saturated and on external factors like the heat in the car and the outside temperature. 

Diffusers have a wooden lid which absorbs the oil from the bottle.  They work best by using heat from the sun and car along with the movement when hung. A diffuser is not designed to give off a strong scent constantly, instead it provides a pleasant and occasional aroma. 

You can find the instructions here.

We won’t stop you from doing so! But please be aware that perfume is highly flammable and can catch fire easily, that’s why it is classified as a hazard class 3. Please don’t risk having a fire accelerator in your car.  Our diffusers use a hazard free base.

Another reason to replace your diffuser product once it is finishes is the perfume diffusion mainly works through the wooden top. Once that is fully soaked through, the diffusing itself becomes less efficient.

That’s why we offer a new product to fully appreciate the diffusing function again at surprisingly low prices!

It is the drivers responsibility to place the car freshener in a position that is not obstructing their view when they are driving.

Absolutely not.  Our scents are inspired and we use the same high quality oils to manufacture.  The reason our prices are very competitive is we are not asking the customer to pay for unnecessary branding and packaging costs.  Why pay to promote a brand when you can get your favourite scents at a fraction of the price.