We are not affiliated with the designer fragrance companies. Our concentrated oil based scents are inspired by designer perfumes/aftershaves and contain similar scent notes. We do not represent our products to be a copy of another brand or product. The diffuser must be kept upright at all times to prevent any possible leakages.

The oil may damage surfaces and can spill, we do not take responsibility for this. Customers take responsibility for the right use and to avoid any spillages. Please make sure to always screw the cap tightly back on and regularly check if it has loosen as the bottle can come lose and fall. Simple Car Scents can’t take responsibilities for any damages caused.

Driving Safety & Regulations – The buyer is responsible that the product is NOT placed in the car in any way that is obstructing the drivers view and that it is not hanging low enough to swing and hit anything.  E.g. placing behind the front seats or making sure it is not obstructing the view in any way and can’t swing when placing it under or behind the mirror.